Sollog is the author of the i Time Travel series of books titled

Amazing Adventures of Sollog the Time Traveler

Sollog has amazed his fans all over the world with his Prophecies that prove he warned with exact details of many historic events.

In this series of book presented to the world as Science Fiction the author Sollog over and over warns the reader of his books that this story is based on REALITY and his question to the reader is, does the fact he has proven over and over to know exact details of historic future events PROVE HE IS A TIME TRAVELER?

Is it fiction or is it real?

That is the buzz around the world that readers of this new series are asking.

Sollog has blown a huge hole in our reality with this amazing series of books about how he is REALLY A TIME TRAVELER…

Sollog has authored over 100 Books and academic papers in his career as a writer.

He has given mankind new laws in number theory, physics, astrophysics and geophysics.

Can it be Sollog is really a TIME TRAVELER?



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